Align with sustainable thought leadership, upskill your business and be recognised as a leading organisation in the industry.

Why assess sustainability

The SFMI provides a credible single assessment score for comparable measure and benchmark against other FM companies.

The assessments provide a detailed roadmap of how FMs embed sustainability within their organisation. It identifies areas of weakness and provides an improvement plan.

Who do we asses

We help FMs who care about sustainability, driving a responsible business culture and are striving to be leaders within the industry.

“Benchmarking ourselves in an industry specific context can be difficult in other indices. The Sustainable FM Index helps us achieve this alongside sharing best practice and promoting the FM industry.”


How do we assess

The assessments consist of a 3-stage process: 

  • Desktop assessment – assessing public data
  • In person audit – delving into more detail on internal processes
  • Additional evidence – opportunity to provide additional evidence post audit to enhance and achieve their final score

Become a Partner

Joining The SFMI community is a vital first step in committing to the highest standards of sustainable and responsible FM.

The report is a guide for FM providers, FM Teams and Property teams to understand the definition of each criteria and how it relates to sustainability in the built environment; how each criteria affects the role of the FM; what FM can do to manage each criteria; how each criteria interlink with other sustainability criteria; and what should sustainable FM leaders be achieving according to the SFMI scoring assessment.

We update the criteria report every year before assessments, to ensure that criteria remain relevant, and take into consideration any developments (eg. regulatory, COVID-19) . We aim to write the report clearly  so that it can be used as a guide for those on their sustainability journey. We also make sure we highlight and discuss Leadership attributes.

Partnership Tiers

Our ambition is to drive FMs towards the highest level of leadership in driving sustainability within the industry. 

  • A fully sustainable service that is data-led, responsive to decision-making, flexible, and features a higher skilled workforce
  • A sustainable value model that embeds sustainability across all service lines and offers sustainability services at a higher price
  • A standard FM service in which specialist sustainability services are available but come at a higher price
  • A basic FM service with no specialist sustainability elements