ESG data for Facilities Management can be notoriously difficult to collect and understand, with much of the data sitting within the supply chain. On the other hand, such data becomes critical for various reasons, from regulatory compliance to investment decisions.

Why is it important to verify your ESG reporting data

  • Improved company’s reputation – avoid the risk of disclosing the incorrect data and losing public credibility.
  • Compliance – external verification of ESG reporting is required under CSRD regulation.
  • Certification and scoring – meet the complex and time-sensitive standards such as ISAE 3410 and get certified by rating services such as CDP without mistakes.
  • Make data-driven business decisions – grow your business and make new investments based on the real numbers.
  • Respond to customer requests – quickly and efficiently.

Method of Verification

The SFMI will conduct a meticulous and in-depth third-party validation of your GRI data against the internationally recognised ISAE3400 family of standards including ISAE 3410 – Assurance Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Statements.

Following this verification, we will provide you with a report that will examine where your data is sufficient in both information and quality, where your potential gaps are, and outline how you can fill these gaps to ensure your data meets the requirements of ISAE 3410.

Key Stages

The result of this report gives you the confidence that your data is correct and in accordance with the latest standards, which will then allow you to showcase your credentials as a sustainable provider.

What’s more, it will give you the confidence to make business decisions based on the data, and submit it to gain credentials, CDP scores and enter awards.


FM provides data to The SFMI for analysis


We then analyse the data in accordance with the requirements of ISAE3410


  • Key areas where the data and other provided material meets requirements and can therefore be validated.
  • Key areas where the data and other provided materials do not meet the requirements and therefore cannot be validated.
  • A how-to guide to ensure any shortcomings within the data or other provided material are rectified.


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