Measuring and reporting guidance

The Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) has joined forces with a consortium of FM providers and industry bodies to pioneer a groundbreaking framework. This framework not only offers a validated approach for the Facilities Management (FM) community to measure emissions from its services but also extends crucial support to organisations embarking on their zero-carbon journey.

Our primary objective is to chart a course that empowers FM providers to broaden the scope of their emissions measurement. This expansion involves creating a comprehensive inventory of material Scope 3 emissions, subsequently allocating these emissions to their respective customers. Achieving this goal necessitates an elevated level of maturity in granularity, pinpointing precisely where emissions occur to enable their accurate allocation to clients. The SFMI framework is designed to guide FM providers through this journey, fostering a more detailed understanding of emissions and facilitating a meaningful contribution to the larger goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Together, we’re paving the way for a sustainable future within the Facilities Management landscape.

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