As a growing sustainability practice, alongside our mission of helping our clients maximise their performance by improving their environmental and social outcomes, we have a role to do the same for ourselves. Aside from the moral imperative, as part of their supply chain, what we do impacts our clients’ Scope 3 GHG emissions and can contribute directly to the achievement of both their environmental goals and good governance on social impacts. We therefore challenge ourselves to demonstrate best practice in reporting our social and environmental impacts.

Reducing our GHG footprint

We are committed to providing full transparency and publish both our absolute emissions and emissions per FTE and from 2021 are including relevant Scope 3 emissions

Acclaro GHG emissions 2022 pie chart

Carbon neutral for life

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in May 2022 we offset all our historic emissions using high quality Gold Standard offsets to become carbon neutral from day one

Creating social value

Sharing our time, expertise and energy to support our staff, our industry and the wider community in support of our vision, mission and values and contribute to our triple bottom line