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The Growth of Global Carbon Pricing Initiatives

Published on 14/09/2023 by Acclaro Advisory
Over the last twenty years, governments around the world have set up various policies and initiatives leading with carbon pricing in a response to climate change.

Carbon Pricing is an essential complementary instrument in an organisations decarbonisation toolset, and we can support you in integrating Carbon Pricing as part of your net-zero transition.

This map, produced by visualcapitalist.com and based on data from the World Bank Report 2022, shows just some of the initiatives across the globe and the positive impact they are having.

Map of the world which shows various carbon pricing initiatives in different regions - go to the visualcapitalist.com page linked to in the content to use an interactive version.
Interactive map available: visualcapitalist.com

The World Bank suggests that using carbon pricing on a large scale could reduce the cost of climate change mitigation by 32 per cent by 2030.

UNFCCC, ‘About carbon pricing’, https://unfccc.int

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