We work with multinational corporations, governments and NGOs. We are a values-driven company and thereby make a dedicated effort to live by our values by applying sustainability principles in our daily business management. This includes sourcing environmentally and socially responsible suppliers, offsetting work-related CO2 emissions and encouraging employees to play active roles in their community. This approach supports an environment where sustainability and quality becomes a part of our culture.

Acclaro Advisory’s policy is to carry out its business activities, including advice we provide, with due regard to the effect they may have on the environment, economy and society, acknowledging both its legal obligations and current best practice. For processes under our control, we will seek to reduce any adverse effects to a practicable minimum. Emphasis will be placed upon reducing carbon emissions and waste, using resources more efficiently, promoting community engagement and developing awareness and understanding.

To achieve this commitment Acclaro Advisory will:
  • Integrate the management of sustainability into our strategic and operational business processes.
  • Adopt a systematic approach to managing our sustainability performance in line with the requirements of ISO 14001 and the UN Global Compact.
  • Fully comply with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements as a minimum.
  • Set targets for improving our sustainability performance and measure against these.
  • Be open about our sustainability performance both internally and externally with regulatory authorities and with the community at large.
  • Adopt a Net Zero target supported by a carbon reduction plan and report progress annually.
  • Ensure that our employees and suppliers are competent and trained to carry out their work safely and with due regard for the environment, and are familiar with our systems.
  • Promote the value and benefits of improved sustainability performance to the communities we operate within.
  • Share knowledge and information to help foster an understanding and awareness of sustainability within the built environment.
  • Recognise the contribution to Acclaro Advisory’s sustainability performance delivered by our associates and suppliers through specialist technical advice and support to our business activities.

This policy will be reviewed every 2 years or when new relevant legislation is introduced.

Sunil Shah
Managing Director, Acclaro Advisory

November 2022