What is GHG verification?

GHG verification is the process of independently assessing and confirming the accuracy and reliability of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions data. Verification involves a complete review of data, methodologies and processes to ensure they comply with established standards and protocols, such as those outlined in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or specific regulatory requirements.

Benefits of GHG statement verification

  • Identify risks & opportunities –  By thoroughly assessing and auditing emissions data, organisations can pinpoint areas for improvement, operational inefficiencies, and potential cost-saving measures.
  • Satisfy stakeholder demands – GHG statement verification demonstrates a commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility, meeting the demands of stakeholders for accurate and credible information.
  • Gain a competitive edge – A verified GHG statement signals a proactive approach to environmental responsibility and sustainability, and can be a strong differentiator, attracting environmentally conscious customers and partners.
  • Increase reliability of data – Crucial for informed decision-making, goal-setting, and monitoring progress towards sustainability targets, for both internal management purposes and external reporting requirements.
  • Stand out to investors – A verified GHG statement provides investors with confidence in the company’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrates a proactive approach to managing environmental risks.
  • Minimise costs for inaccurate reporting– Inaccurate or incomplete reporting of greenhouse gas emissions can result in financial penalties, damage to reputation, and loss of business opportunities.

How we can help with your GHG verification

We verify your greenhouse gas statements according to ISO 14064:3 and ISAE 3410 standards. Our expert consultants conduct thorough audits, ensuring adherence to specific requirements. Collaborating with you, we identify emission sources, assess data accuracy, and implement robust verification methods. Following the audit, we provide a detailed feedback report, highlighting conformity and identifying data gaps. Once issues are resolved, a verification statement is issued. Our goal is to help organisations meet regulatory requirements, enhance environmental credibility, and prepare for the future.


Need a hand with verification?

One of our experienced consultants would be happy to discuss our emission verification services.

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