Our GHG Footprint

Key Sources of Our Emissions

Scope 2 (Indirect Emissions)

  • Electricity

Scope 3 (Supply Chain Emissions)

  • Business travel (employee-owned vehicles, rail journeys and flights)
  • Employee commuting
  • Treatment of waste and water
  • Other procurement

We have no significant Scope 1 emissions- all heating is electric, we do not use F-gases, and we have no fleet.

Emissions inventory (gross emission, tCO2e)

FTE – Full Time Equivalent employee

*location-based emissions factors applied

Emissions inventory (gross emission, tCO2e)

Reducing Our GHG Footprint

Our sources of significant emissions include business travel, and electricity usage in our office. To minimise our emissions, we use naturally ventilated office accommodation, located by public transport links. Public transport is promoted for business-related travel, with use of telecommunications encouraged to reduce the need for travel. We specifically request our clients provide all communication and documentation electronically where possible to reduce paper consumption.


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