Our Responsible Business Impact

How can we measure our impact as an organisation?

Our impact – our emissions as a businessScope 2 emissions from electricity use in our offices
Scope 3 emissions from business travel, employee commuting, working from home, treatment of waste.
Our influence as a customerScope 3 emissions from our supply chain.
Our advice as a consultancyThe work we do for our clients.
Our expertise within the industryContributing to knowledge base and best practice through publications, industry task groups, institutions and conferences.
Our action in the local communityInvolvement in local climate and net-zero groups, advising a local school on energy efficiency opportunities, participation in a local council consultation on Environment and Climate strategy.

Acclaro’s emissions as a micro business are very small, but we recognise that our influence to reduce emissions is much wider than our immediate carbon footprint. During 2020 we aim to define how we measure the areas above, to truly understand our impact and maximise our social value going forwards.

Starting at home: Our emissions as a business

Emissions inventory:

Increased emissions per FTE in 19/20 are largely due to significant business travel taking place. In recognition of the impact of COVID-19 on our ways of working, we have also started reporting emissions from working from home (WFH). We see this as important because while we are not physically working within Acclaro’s business premises we are continuing to use energy on behalf of Acclaro. We feel that as a responsible business we should continue to measure this impact as we change our ways of working for the future.

Reducing our GHG footprint

Our sources of significant emissions include business travel, and electricity usage in our office. To minimise our emissions, we use naturally ventilated office accommodation, located by public transport links. Public transport is promoted for business-related travel, with use of telecommunications encouraged to reduce the need for travel. We specifically request our clients provide all communication and documentation electronically where possible to reduce paper consumption.