Our Responsible Business Impact

As a growing sustainability practice, alongside our mission of helping our clients maximise their performance by improving their environmental and social outcomes, we have a role to do the same for ourselves. Aside from the moral imperative, as part of their supply chain, what we do impacts our clients’ Scope 3 GHG emissions and can contribute directly to the achievement of both their environmental goals and good governance on social impacts. We therefore challenge ourselves to demonstrate best practice in reporting our social and environmental impacts.

Reducing our GHG footprint

As an SME our impacts are relatively small but our rapid growth means we have to work harder to curb carbon emissions. Operating a lean business model where our office is naturally ventilated, we engage with customers through technology, promote travel to work by public transport and prioritise the use of local suppliers meant we were well adapted to life in a pandemic. We have capitalised on this by adopting a hybrid working model that further reduces travel, but requires us to take account of working from home emissions. We publish both our absolute emissions and emissions per FTE and from 2021 are including relevant Scope 3 emissions.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in May 2022 we offset all our historic emissions using high quality Gold Standard offsets. You can read more about our carbon neutral status, our Net Zero commitment and our plan to become climate positive here.

Creating social value

Developing this approach further, we continue to develop the way we measure and report the value that we provide to our clients, the communities that we operate in and the various committees we serve on. All of these have a direct and indirect benefit which will help to place a value on our social contribution and help to provide a more balanced approach to how we view success. You can find our social contribution report here.

Starting at home: Our emissions as a business

Emissions inventory:

Emissions per FTE: