Health & Safety Policy

Acclaro Advisory is committed to complying with its legal duty under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and other applicable health and safety legislation, to ensure the health and safety of its directors, employees, sub contractors and visitors to our place of business and others directly affected by relevant activities under the firm’s control.

Health and safety is an integral part of our business and Acclaro Advisory aims to reduce workplace injuries and ill health, and considers successful management to be a key management objective.

Acclaro Advisory is committed to:

  • Compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements
  • A safe place of work, together with suitable means of access and exit
  • Reduce health and safety risks associated with conducting our business
  • Prevent accidents and work related ill health, to our people and visitors
  • Continual improvement in all areas of health and safety management.

All employees are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and of others who may be affected by their actions or omissions, and cooperate with Acclaro Advisory to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements and standards. Overall responsibility for Health and Safety rests with the Managing Director.

Acclaro Advisory is committed to developing a culture that supports health and safety at all levels and shall ensure the necessary financial and physical resources, the competency of its employees and the provision of any necessary expert advice in order to support the health and safety policy.

In accordance with health and safety legislation, this policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Sunil Shah
Managing Director, Acclaro Advisory
May 2020


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