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Social Value Measurement: The gold rush begins

There is a new craze moving through sustainability teams. That craze is Social Value. It’s like the gold rush of the 19th Century. Ok, I admit, I greatly exaggerate. But observing the approach taken by procurers, corporate’s, service providers and NGOs is fascinating. Only instead of rushing for precious metals, there’s a rush for a […]


FM outsourcing, investor risk and sustainability targets

Joining the Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) a year ago has given me some unique insight which I hadn’t appreciated before. The Facilities Management (FM) holds great potential to influence the sustainability agenda. There are shining examples of sustainable FM and the SFMI celebrates these in our awards. However, there is a lot of work […]

The SFMI Results Are In

On the 8th November, the Sustainable Facilities Management Index released its annual insight into the state of sustainable facilities management in the UK. After a summer of assessing 26 major UK FM’s against a tried and tested sustainability criteria, we can offer a look at the 2018 leaders, and our look at the market. If […]

The Responsible Business Leaders Forum

In June this year, the SFMI began a collaboration with RICS to help begin a very exciting project that could be used to shape the global debate on how the built environment embeds responsible business practices. As you can tell, this is no small feat, and the SFMI is excited to be a part of […]