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Resource Efficiency: exposed by WWF’s Living Planet Report

The WWF published its latest Living Planet Report last Tuesday. It’s not just a thorough analysis of global data on biodiversity; it’s also a landmark in how leaders connect abstract, data-heavy sustainability concepts with the drivers that really motivate people. An important theme is that human wellbeing, economic performance, and social development all depend on […]

Sustainable Mega Events

Football’s World Cup is about to start again, hosted this time by twelve stadiums in Russia. Like any mega-event, there will be environmental impacts from transport, accommodation, broadcasting, and custom-built infrastructure to cope with extreme but short-term demands. For people who work towards sustainability goals, it’s an important concern. So, let’s celebrate the mega-events that […]

The Impacts of Palm Oil Production

Iceland has announced that it will become the first major UK supermarket to end the use of palm oil in its own-brand products. Boldly, Iceland says it wants to ‘demonstrate to the food industry that it is possible to reduce the demand for palm oil while seeking solutions that do not destroy the world’s rainforest’. […]